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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tyranny Of Love Part 1

I am starting a new study about love. Many have traveled this road before me and written more eloquently than I will. Thats ok. Each must journey and each must learn for themselves. The journey is what is important.

Today I will be jotting down random thoughts....these are just place holders for a later attempt to coalesce these thoughts into something that makes sense and captures the essence of the random thoughts I've been having regarding the issue of love.

So here goes:

The Beatles may have had it right but wrong at the same time. They sang that all you need is love...and they are correct. But what kind of love? How does love live? How does love talk? Does love have rights? Responsibilities? Where does love draw the line? Is there a line? If yes, why, if no, why not.

Is love a group thing or is it only individual. If a group, how big? Who do we invite? Exclude? Why or why not?

Is the idea of "all we need is love" Utopian? Can it be realized? If yes, how? If not, what to do instead.

Whose in charge if all we need or have is love? Do we need a leader? If yes, what are the limits of authority? If no, how in the world will it all make sense.

Is there an example we can look at for the Utopian love ideal? Is the example credible? Why or why not.

Does religion play a role? If so, which one? (Side note: I have yet to find a religion that on a macro scale actually practices most of what they preach).

Is love convenient? Does it have guilt? What about trust and fear? Where do these fit in? Is fear the opposite of love?

See...random thoughts.

Some more:


How does love treat these?

What about these?


Hang on or turn loose?

1 Corinthians Ch 13 and verse 1 of chapter 14.....Let love be your highest goal....compounded  by the declarations that without love, all my skills and abilities are just noise. The promise of seeing clearly in the future instead of through a dirty window now speaks to me of a love that transcends my limited knowledge. No strike that...it does not transcend my knowledge....it will transcend my EXPERIENCE of love.....

Light Bulb.....its not my knowledge that is lacking, its my experience that is lacking. Love is an experience that lasts longer than the moment....its......I just ran out of words.....have to get back to this one.

Some said that Love makes no demands....I think this is rubbish....love demands total abandonment....else its just "like" and not love. Love wants to dominate....obliterate anything in its path to world domination.

injustice, division, hate, fear, manipulation, war, poverty....some big picture things opposing love. Odd thought about love wanting total world domination. Is it losing? Sure seems that way.

Wow, this is bigger than I originally thought....

Love is a tyrant.

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